Want to be a part of this adventure with us? How about becoming a Founding Rogue?


The Roguery is delighted to be able to offer an extremely limited number (97) of Founding Rogue Memberships; the gold (or black) standard in exclusivity.

All Founding Rogues will benefit from:


- 10 Haircuts or Beard trims per annum (including whatever you would like to drink from our bar selection whilst in the chair).

- Unfettered access to The Roguery; just come and see us whenever you want - you can use us as a place to work, chill or be.

- Free Access to Roguery VIP events, and the opportunity to buy tickets to music/general events in advance of the other Rogues.

- 10% of any additional food, drink, goods or services purchased from the Roguery.

- A Kick-arse Membership Card.

- Your Name/Mugshot on The Founding Rogues Wall.

- Bragging rights to your friends and the sheer exhilaration of truly being one of a very small gang of Unique Individuals.


And all for just £250 per annum - thats a huge saving over the year, and the chance of being an epic pioneer.

Membership - Founding Rogue

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  • Once confirmed, all Founding Rogues will be sent written confirmation of their acceptance along with membership cards and welcome packs.


    Expected Delivery: Week 2 January 2019 (although your membership is valid from receipt of purchase confirmation).


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