Lets Make this easy... 

In 2019, the "average UK male" spent £319 on hair and beard care.

In 2020, you can spend £300, share in a host of benefits AND become part of the exclusive Founding Rogues Club.


Why? Well, you'll get:

A year of haircuts*

A Drink from our Premium range of coffee, spirits and beers included with each visit.

Discounts on Hair products.

Unfettered access to The Roguery; just come and see us whenever you want - you can use us as a place to work, chill or be.

Free Access to Roguery VIP events, and the opportunity to buy tickets to music/general events in advance of the other Rogues.

10% of any additional food, drink, goods or services purchased from the Roguery.

Plus you'll be part of a limited number of 100 Founding Rogues, with an awesome membership card to prove it.


AND (New for 2020) for every new customer you introduce, we'll top you up with another free trim! Thats right, pay once now and have the chance of never paying again!



* A year of haircuts means up to 12 visits per year. Membership numbers strictly limited to 100.


Membership - Founding Rogue

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  • Once confirmed, all Founding Rogues will be sent written confirmation of their acceptance along with membership cards and welcome packs.


    Expected Delivery: Week 2 January 2019 (although your membership is valid from receipt of purchase confirmation).


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