"The Rogue" Membership represents the middle tier of our memberships plans here at The Roguerry, and is aimed at those looking to maintain their style, but maybe less intensively than  as a Founder.


Included in "The Rogue" Membership Package is all of the following:


- Unfettered access to The Roguery; just come and see us whenever you want - you can use us as a place to work, chill or be.

- 5 Haircuts or Beard trims per annum (including whatever you would like to drink from our bar selection whilst in the chair).

- 4 Tins of our amazing hand-roasted coffee from The Brew Project

- 10% of any additional food, drink, goods or services purchased from the Roguery.

- Bragging rights to your friends for being so god-damn cool.


And all for just £150 - thats a great saving over the RRP.

Membership - "The Rogue"



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