The Roguery is more than just a barbers.

It is a space to be yourself, or to be whoever you want.

Working in conjunction with The Brew Project, the Roguery offers its Cambridge customers a place to eat, drink, work, and relax, and look good.







You want to look your best, and so do we.

But this isn't about a trend, this isn't a fad.

This is about looking good and feeling epic.

Whatever you want. The Roguery team can deliver.


Looking for an Event Venue in Cambridge? 

Be it a gig, private party, get-together, space to rent... The Roguery's flexible setup means we have the capacity to do whatever you want. 

And to do so whilst providing stress relief via our licensed bar, stocked with boutique spirits and locally sourced craft beers.

The Brew Project x The Roguery

We couldn't get jobs as rockstars and were petrified of going back to our old life of call centres and bad managers.

The Brew Project x The Roguery is the result. 

A mob of passionate coffee pro's that are working their hardest to challenge the big boys and prove that passion, hard work and being nice will win in the end.


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noun: conduct characteristic of a rogue, especially acts of dishonesty or playful mischief.


"there has always been roguery associated with horse dealing"

noun: a Rogues hidden home; a lair 



20, Downing St, Cambridge, UK


Monday - Tuesday, Friday 10 - 6

Wednesday - Thursday 10 - 8

Saturday 10 - 4


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